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2nd Production run of KRTZ-59s

are available NOW!


These are tributes to a classic 1959 LP Double Cut style. Specs HERE.


One P-90 pickup, one volume, one tone.


All black hardware, black pick guard, no front fret markers.


Simple. Punk. Made for playing loudly and with plenty of distortion.

I unpack all instruments, inspect and set up each guitar myself before shipping them to you.

This run has several upgrades including a bone nut,

upgraded quality of both the bridge and tuning machines.

(Lefties will have a 2-piece Tunomatic Style bridge instead of the Wraparound style on the Right Handed models.)

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Headcap Plate will be an Add On for $30.

Shipping is $55/per guitar.

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